Traffic Survival School (TSS): Consider this Before you Plead Responsible on a Red Light

What to do if you’ve been issued a Red Light Ticket in Arizona

In Arizona it is important to discuss Defensive Driving School (DSS) vs. Traffic Survival School (TSS). People often refer to “traffic school” when they are referring to two very different courses. In Arizona, Defensive Driving School (DDS) is different from Traffic Survival School (TSS). You may be eligible to take a Defensive Driving School (DDS) course to remove a violation from your driving record otherwise known as your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).

To be eligible for Defensive Driving School (DDS):
1) You must not have attended a Defensive Driving School (DDS) course with the past 2 years.
2) No one must have been seriously injured or killed in the incident that led to the violation you wish to remove by attending the Defensive Driving School (DDS) course.
3) You must not have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Attending a Defensive Driving School (DDS) course is typically done to remove a violation from one’s driving record and is voluntary and not required to maintain your privilege to drive.

Traffic Survival School (TSS) however is different story. Traffic Survival School (TSS) is ordered by a court or the Motor Vehicles Division (MVD) as a result of being found guilty or responsible for certain violations or a combination of multiple violations. There are many court adjudications that will trigger being required to attend Traffic Survival School (TSS). Some examples are criminal driving behavior, an accumulation of points due to multiple violations, more than one violation by a teenage driver or a single red light violation.

Important to note is the fact that if you plead responsible or guilty, or are found responsible or guilty for a violation that will result in being ordered to complete Traffic Survival School (TSS), you must drive carefully for the next 2 years. Arizona drivers should take note of the fact that once you have been required to attend a Traffic Survival School (TSS) course, any moving violation for the next 2 years will trigger a minimum 3 month suspension of your privilege to drive.