Options If You Have Received a Traffic Ticket

You have received an Arizona traffic ticket. Now what? People often want to know what options are available to them after receiving a traffic ticket. First, we need to be clear about the difference in Arizona between a criminal traffic and a civil traffic ticket. (see The Difference Between a Criminal Traffic and Civil Traffic Case in this blog) The options listed below apply to a civilContinue reading

Driver’s License Suspension vs. Revocation in Arizona

In Arizona is there a difference between your driver’s license being suspended vs. revoked? What is the difference between a driver’s license suspension and a revocation? In Arizona, it is important to understand that driving is a privilege governed by the State through the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Motor Vehicles Division (MVD). Driving is not a right. Arizona courts hear both civil and criminalContinue reading

Driving on a Suspended License in Arizona

In Arizona, Driving on a Suspended License is a crime. The crime of Driving on a Suspended License is a class 1 misdemeanor. (see Misdemeanors in Arizona in this blog) Driving While Suspended requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The elements of the crime of Driving on a Suspended License are met anytime the State can prove you knowingly operated a motor vehicle while your license wasContinue reading