DUI in Gilbert Arizona

If you find yourself facing a DUI in Gilbert Arizona, you should contact a Gilbert DUI Attorney who is familiar with defending DUI in Gilbert Arizona.

Your DUI is a criminal offense in Gilbert Arizona. Unless your license was suspended at the time, you already have two DUI convictions within 7 years, or you had a child under 15 years of age in the car, your Gilbert DUI will be a class one misdemeanor. If you are stopped for a DUI in Gilbert Arizona you will most likely land in one of two courts. Your Gilbert DUI will be cited or charged in either Gilbert Municipal Court or Highland Justice Court. Both Courts are located in the same building. There are important differences between the courts. Contacting a Gilbert DUI Lawyer who is experienced in the defense of DUI in both the Gilbert Municipal Court and the Highland Justice Court is essential and can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

DUI in Gilbert Municipal Court

DUI in Gilbert Municipal Court is prosecuted by the Town of Gilbert Prosecutor’s Office. The Gilbert Police Department relies on blood draws in their DUI investigations to determine blood alcohol content. The Gilbert Police Department does not have a crime lab equipped to test for blood alcohol content and in the recent past the Town of Gilbert had contracted with the City of Chandler Crime Lab to obtain results for their blood draws. Currently Gilbert is contracting with the City of Mesa Crime Lab to test their blood draws. Gilbert Police Officers often do not submit Admin Per Se Affidavits resulting in an SR22 requirement after conviction. The City of Gilbert does have a home detention program.

DUI in Highland Justice Court

DUI in Highland Justice Court is prosecuted by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. There can be several different law enforcement agencies that may be responsible for investigating a DUI cited into the Highland Justice Court. You may find both blood and breath testing cases in Highland Justice Court. Blood results may be tested by the Department of Public Safety Crime Lab resulting in delays in obtaining the blood results. The Highland Justice Court does not have a home detention program.

Speak to a Gilbert DUI Lawyer who has extensive experience in the defense of DUI in both the Highland Justice Court and the Gilbert Municipal Court to explain what these differences can mean to your case.