Gilbert Criminal Law Attorney / Highland Justice Court Criminal Law Attorney

I have practiced as a Gilbert Criminal Law Attorney and a Highland Justice Court Criminal Law Attorney in the Gilbert Courts for many years now. Because I live in Gilbert Arizona and I have a law office in Gilbert Arizona, I handle a large number of Gilbert Court cases. I have practiced in courts all over the State of Arizona, and the Gilbert Court house is a very nice facility. The abundance of roomy private conference rooms with large tables and an adequate number of chairs is an uncommon luxury that I quite enjoy. There is plenty of parking directly in front of the courthouse and I have never seen the parking lot come close to being full. I find the security staff to be very pleasant. The judges and court clerks at the Gilbert Court are very efficient, and you will not spend hours waiting for things to happen like some other courts.

Gilbert Municipal Court vs. Highland Justice Court

What is the difference between Gilbert Municipal Court and Highland Justice Court? I was asked to discuss Gilbert Municipal Court vs. Highland Justice Court. Both the Gilbert Municipal Court and the Highland Justice Court are actually located in the same building which can be a little confusing to some. The address is 55 East Civic Center Drive #101 Gilbert Arizona 85296. The difference between the two courts is jurisdiction. Both courts hear some of the same types of cases. In a criminal offense, the deciding factor as to which court you find yourself in is the location of where the events that lead to you being charged with an offense occurred. For example, if you are charged with Excessive (Criminal) Speeding in Gilbert Arizona, the location of the offense will determine which court you are cited to appear. If you are alleged to be excessive (criminal) speeding on a City of Gilbert Street and cited by the Gilbert Police Department, you will find yourself in Gilbert Municipal Court. If you are alleged to be excessive (criminal) speeding on the 202 freeway and cited by the Department of Public Safety, you will find yourself in Highland Justice Court. In Gilbert Municipal Court you will be prosecuted by the Town of Gilbert Prosecutor’s Office. While in Highland Justice Court, you will be prosecuted by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. There are significant differences between the two prosecutorial offices and their respective polices as they relate to specific crimes. It is important to talk to a Gilbert Criminal Lawyer who also has experience as a Highland Justice Court Lawyer and understands the differences between the two courts and and has extensive experience in dealing with the prosecutors in both offices. It can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.