Jail for Criminal Speed in Arizona?

In Arizona, you CAN go to jail for Criminal Speed. Criminal Speed is officially referred to as Excessive Speed in the Arizona statutes. You can be charged with Excessive Speed if:
1) You exceed 85 mph.
2) You exceed the posted speed limit by more than 20 mph in a residential or business district.
3) You exceed 35 mph approaching a school crossing.
Excessive Speed is a crime. It is a class 3 misdemeanor in Arizona. For a class 3 misdemeanor in Arizona you can receive up to 30 days of jail. Your chances of receiving jail time go up in relation to your speed. In other words, a person charged with exceeding 85 miles per hour on a highway who is clocked at 102 miles per hour would have a greater risk of receiving jail time than a person who is clocked at 92 miles per hour. Many judges and prosecutors follow guidelines and policies as to where to begin to impose jail time. This varies from court to court.
To determine if you may be facing potential jail time it is important that you contact a lawyer who:
1) offers a free consultation
2) handles this crime often
3) has extensive experience with this crime in the particular court you are required to appear.