Snowbirds and vehicle registration laws in Arizona

Many retirees come to Arizona during the winter to escape the cold temperatures back home, and while some snowbirds spend six or seven months in the state, many fail to properly register their vehicles. State laws require that any individual living in the state for seven months or longer in one calendar year properly register his or her vehicle.

If you are driving an unregistered vehicle, it can result in serious penalties and charges. This is a complex legal situation for individuals who are only in the state for part of the year, but with qualified legal assistance, it may be possible to minimize the consequences or mitigate the potential penalties.

The consequences of a criminal traffic violation

In Arizona, driving an unregistered vehicle is a criminal traffic violation. The state loses millions of dollars in revenue every year due to people failing to comply with registration requirements, which is why the consequences for this type of violation are severe. If convicted, you could face the following penalties:

  • Community service
  • Jail
  • Traffic school
  • Points on your driving record
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Potential loss of driving privileges
  • Mark on your criminal record
  • Denied or revoked insurance coverage
  • Impounding of your vehicle

Any of these penalties could have both an immediate and long-term impact on your ability to drive freely and truly enjoy your winter months in Arizona. These consequences could alter many aspects of your life, even if you are not a full-time resident of the state.

You do not have to simply accept that a conviction is your only option, but you can confront these charges with the help of an experienced criminal traffic violation lawyer who will advocate for your rights and the best outcome to your case.

Protect your interests with a strong defense

Facing legal trouble in Arizona could make it more difficult to move back and forth between this state and your permanent residence. A conviction could not only result in inconvenient consequences, it could be expensive, both financially and in terms of your personal freedoms.

If you are a snowbird who lives in sunny Arizona during the winter months, you may, either by mistake or misunderstanding of the law, find yourself facing accusations of violating vehicle registration laws. You should not underestimate the serious nature of this type of criminal violation, but act immediately to protect your rights and future interests.