How to get a traffic violation dismissed in Arizona

Traffic tickets are handed out every day, and it’s never fun to be on the receiving end of one. It can be especially frustrating when you don’t think you deserved the ticket.

Even one ticket can have negative consequences. Each traffic violation in Arizona has a two-, three-, four- or six-point value. Not only do these points look bad on your driving record, but your insurance company can now increase your rates. Luckily, you have options for getting the ticket dismissed.

Bring it to court

If you feel confident that you did not break the law, you may choose to fight your ticket in court. In order to do this successfully on your own, you need to have exceptional knowledge on two topics: Arizona traffic laws and your exact violation. You should also have evidence that you didn’t commit the violation.

If you aren’t familiar with the laws, you may opt to hire an attorney who can fight the ticket for you.

Enroll in driving school

Your second option for getting the ticket dismissed is enrolling in defensive driving school. The state of Arizona must approve any driver who wants to take the course.

There are three rules for eligibility:

  • 12 months must have passed since your last ticket.
  • You cannot have been convicted of a crime relating to the ticket.
  • You cannot have a commercial driving license.

In order to have the ticket removed from your record, you must complete the course at least seven days before the court date listed on the violation.

If you successfully fight the ticket in court or complete a driving school course, the violation will be removed from your driving record. It’s best practice to obtain a copy of your record and double check that the violation is off. Then, you have no reason to worry about insurance rates going up.