Are you accused of having a disregard for safety on the roads?

You were on the way to your girlfriend’s house and had to take the highway. You were late for an important date with her, so you sped faster than you should have. That in itself wasn’t so bad, but you were also weaving in and out of traffic, honking at people who were in the way and generally trying to get to where you wanted to be faster.

A nearby police officer saw this behavior and pulled you over. She claims that you were behaving recklessly and were putting yourself and other people in danger because of your actions. Now, you could be facing penalties for the way you acted.

Reckless driving, road rage and speeding can all get you into trouble.

Traffic laws are there to make the roads safer. They sometimes seem like a hassle, but their goal is to make sure that you get to where you want to go safely. If you show indifference or irreverence to the safety of others, then you could be accused of being a reckless driver. You could face charges for aggressive driving in Arizona if it can be shown that you went off the main road to get around another driver or made an unsafe lane change as well as followed too closely or didn’t obey a traffic control device. If the police think that your driving was an immediate hazard to others, then you could be looking at one charge at the very least.

Your attorney will talk to you about what to expect if you face aggressive driving charges. It’s important that you defend yourself to prevent significant penalties from impacting your life far into the future.