The benefits of enrolling in traffic school

You thought the speed limit was 45, but as it turns out, that was two streets back. Now you’re staring at the yellow page of a traffic ticket. While in court, you hear the judge mention traffic school being a possibility. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider this an option:

It could help with your overall driving knowledge

Taking a traffic school course could help you become a more knowledgable and aware driver. In the class, you’re bound to hear statistics of crash numbers in your state. You’ll be reminded of the importance of looking around your vehicle before getting into it. You’ll hear things you probably learned when you were 16 years old, but may have forgotten over time. When you leave the course and get back into your vehicle, all this driving knowledge will now be fresh on your mind. 

It could help with your driving record

Every time you get a ticket, that ticket could be adding points to your driving record. Once you acquire so many points to your record, Arizona will suspend your driver’s license. Instead of having those points tacked onto your record, they could potentially be expunged if you take (and pass) a traffic school course.

It could help with your insurance rate

Insurance companies will obtain your driving record in determining your rates. In not having these extra points tacked onto your record, you could save money due to your rates not going up.

And ticket or not, some insurance companies offer lower rates if you simply opt to take a driving course on your own. Be sure the traffic school program is accredited by your state.