Street racing can lead to far more than a speeding ticket

Street racing is quite popular across Arizona and in Phoenix specifically. Races disrupt the flow of traffic by blocking off roads from normal traffic. Since the drivers engage in dangerous behaviors while racing and exceed the posted speed limits, there is also substantial risk of injury to the participant and other people nearby, as well as the risk of significant property damage, especially if someone loses control of their vehicle.

Given that racing on public roads violates traffic laws, the people who participate in street racing often organize pop-up events at unusual locations or times. Police in Arizona have begun cracking down on racing. The Phoenix police have just recently received an extra $100,000 to help them with racing enforcement efforts. That new funding could very well mean more people who love racing will wind up charged with criminal offenses in the near future.

Police have learned some of how participants organize

Officers have started to track various social media accounts associated with street racing. While people can and do delete old accounts once they wind up compromised, the potential exists for law enforcement to show up at any organized street racing event, especially those promoted on social media.

Even if there isn’t a digital trail to follow, people will likely call to report the race once the participants start blocking off the intersections and driving in unsafe ways. When that happens, officers will likely issue citations to some people present and arrest others.

Contrary to what some people mistakenly believe, the penalties and charges associated with racing aren’t limited to a fine because of a speeding ticket. People can and do face criminal charges related to street racing, often in the form of excessive speeding or reckless driving charges. Others will get charged because they have alcohol or drugs in their system while driving.

Racing-related charges can take a significant toll

A conviction on a racing-related criminal charge can impact everything from your ability to drive to the amount that you pay for your car insurance. Defending against allegations of involvement in street racing can help protect you from consequences including potential jail time, fines and licensing consequences.