Why would someone’s driver’s license be revoked?

A driver’s license revocation comes from many different causes. Once your license is revoked, you can’t legally drive in this state. It can occur when you are convicted of certain driving offenses, and there are several other reasons that you might lose your driving privileges.

Anyone who commits a felony using a vehicle will be unable to drive. Operating a vehicle under the influence of a drug (even on a first offense) can also lead to revocation. You can face the loss of your license if you have two convictions for drunk driving involving alcohol.

Being convicted of a drive-by shooting, a homicide by vehicle, aggravated assault with a vehicle and failure to stop and aid victims if you’re involved in a crash are also reasons why your license might be suspended. Perjury related to a vehicle or making false statements to the Motor Vehicle Department can also cause this. Your license can also be revoked for three years if you’re involved in a crash that causes a serious physical injury or an injury other than death to a victim.

One thing that many people don’t realize is that you can’t just go pick up a new driver’s license the day that your revocation expires. Instead, you have to go through an investigation process and reapply for a license. In some cases, you may have to retake the tests to obtain your driving privileges again.

You shouldn’t ever drive when your license is revoked. You face the possibility of your vehicle being impounded and other legal issues. These can include fines and time in jail, so be sure you get started on your defense quickly if you are charged with driving on a revoked license.