Attorney Karl Mueller’s Background

Karl A. Mueller was born in Los Angeles, California, and is the oldest of 6 children. Mr. Mueller has a Juris Doctorate Degree which he received from Whittier Law School in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Mueller also attended the University of Montana Law School in Missoula, Montana as a visiting student during his final year of law school. In addition to his law degree, Mr. Mueller also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Communication and an Associate of Arts Degree in the Administration of Justice. Mr. Mueller purposely focused his higher education on a curriculum that he felt would make him a successful criminal trial lawyer. Mr. Mueller spent many years practicing the art of persuasion while simultaneously completing the same curriculum as law enforcement officers. Mr. Mueller understands the many facets and perspectives of the criminal justice system.

Mr. Mueller is an accomplished experienced trial lawyer who began trying criminal cases almost 30 years ago while he was still a law student working for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. Mr. Mueller has been a lawyer in the State of Arizona for 27 years. He is experienced in both metropolitan and rural courtrooms and is licensed to practice law in the States of Arizona, California, and Montana as well as the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and the United States District Court. Mr. Mueller has been asked and appointed by the Arizona State Bar to serve as an arbitrator in disputes between individuals and their lawyers.

Mr. Mueller stopped counting jury trials over a decade ago after he successfully completed 100 jury trials. Mr. Mueller has handled criminal cases from Homicides to the Possession of a Gila monster. Mr. Mueller handles all types of misdemeanor and felony matters. Mr. Mueller has also had the opportunity to gain experience in appeals and habeas corpus proceedings with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. Mr. Mueller spent over 5 years in the Special and Major Crimes Divisions of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office focused on the prosecution of Aggravated DUI and vehicular homicide cases. Mr. Mueller has also successfully handled over 500 civil traffic violations and still enjoys handling civil traffic matters.

Currently, Mr. Mueller focuses exclusively on criminal defense. Mr. Mueller’s criminal defense practice has the added depth of his experience in handling personal injury, wrongful death and family law matters. This rounded experience often assists him in addressing his client’s overall concerns and needs in his criminal defense practice.

Mr. Mueller has extensive law enforcement and prosecutorial training which he uses to gain an advantage in defense of clients. Some of this training includes collision investigation and accident reconstruction. Mr. Mueller has been called to countless on-scene vehicular homicide and serious injury investigations. Mr. Mueller has also been trained and successfully completed law enforcement courses in FST (Field Sobriety Testing) HGN (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus) and DRE (Drug Recognition Expert). Mr. Mueller has taught as an instructor in both the HGN and DRE programs as well as other law enforcement and prosecutorial-related programs, some of which he developed.

Mr. Mueller has been involved in well over three thousand DUI cases. He has been called upon to offer expert opinion in civil matters on the prosecution of DUI cases. Mr. Mueller was also asked to work with prosecutors and defense attorneys to spearhead the re-write of the DUI, vehicular homicide, and other vehicular felony jury instructions.

Having spent many years as a prosecutor allows Mr. Mueller to evaluate your case not only from a defense perspective, but Mr. Mueller can also see your case just like the prosecutor who will be trying to convict you. This gives you a distinct advantage. Mr. Mueller has the trial experience and the extraordinary talent to achieve successful results in your criminal case.
Mr. Mueller carefully handles all his client’s cases personally. Mr. Mueller is a firm believer in making himself available to his clients, and can be reached 24 hours a day in case of emergencies.


Committed To Protecting Arizona Resident’s Driving Records

The Law Office of Karl A. Mueller, PLC, is dedicated to protecting the rights of people who have been arrested for traffic violations and traffic-related criminal offenses in the state of Arizona. We have an in-depth understanding of the law and how to explain it in everyday language that juries can understand.

With experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, Mr. Mueller pays careful attention to detail and provides aggressive representation in the courtroom. We are ready to protect your driving record, your insurance rates, and your future.

From a routine speeding ticket to a criminal traffic violation, our firm is deeply committed to providing you with the best possible legal defense. We understand that your future is on the line, and we are devoted to helping you protect it.

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