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How To Know If You Have An Outstanding Warrant In Arizona

Having an outstanding warrant for your arrest can lead to trouble if you do not realize it exists. If you have cause to believe there may be an outstanding warrant in Arizona against you, there are ways to find out for sure. Rather than being caught off guard, if you suspect an outstanding warrant, it is best to be prepared. If there is a warrantContinue reading

Is It Worth Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Arizona?

The consequences of being convicted of drunk driving in Arizona are severe and could have life-altering consequences. If you’re questioning, “Is it worth it to hire a DUI lawyer,” the answer is usually yes. Even in seemingly simple, relatively straightforward cases, an attorney can identify potential defenses and help you negotiate. The Law Office of Karl A. Mueller, PLC, is Gilbert’s trusted DUI attorney, representingContinue reading

Will You Go to Jail for a Second DUI in Arizona?

Like any legal question, the short answer to whether you will go to jail for a second DUI is that it depends. However, the penalties are almost universally harsher for a repeat DUI offender, especially in Arizona, which has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country. This article outlines situations in which you could go to jail in Arizona if you have aContinue reading

What Happens to My CDL If I Get a DUI/OWI in Arizona?

Getting a DUI in Arizona (Driving Under the Influence) or OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) can have severe consequences for individuals who hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). CDL holders are subject to stricter regulations and penalties regarding DUI/OWI offenses than regular drivers. Here are some general consequences you might face if you hold a CDL and are charged with a DUI/OWI in Arizona: Immediate Disqualification:Continue reading

How Criminal Speeding Ranks on the Arizona Points Scale

A conviction for certain moving violations can add points to your license. At eight points or higher, you may face repercussions from the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department. The Arizona Point System of offenses includes criminal speeding as a 3-point offense. The full range of point offenses includes: 0 points. Dismissal of charges 0 points. Non-moving violations 2 points. All other moving violations not listed belowContinue reading

Street Racing Tickets in Arizona

Street Racing Laws in Arizona – What you need to know Street racing is prohibited in Arizona under ARS 28-708. The charge of street racing on its own – even when an accident does not occur – can have severe legal consequences, including jail time, loss of license, classes, probation, and high fines. It can even be charged as a felony in some circumstances whereContinue reading

Arizona Driving Privileges, and How to Get Them Back

My Arizona Driver’s License Was Suspended: What Do I Do Now? For most of us, having access to a car is our livelihood.  We need a car to get back and forth to work, we need a car to make sure the kids get to school, and we need a car to get groceries.  That is why having your license suspended or revoked can haveContinue reading

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