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What if a police officer is wrong about a traffic ticket?

A police officer pulls you over and gives you a traffic ticket, but they’re simply wrong about what they think happened. You try to explain it to them, doing your best to keep your cool, but they don’t believe you. They give you the ticket anyway. For instance, maybe they claim that you were not wearing your seat belt. You point out that you haveContinue reading

Automatic vehicle location data and your criminal speeding case

Your vehicle’s automatic vehicle location (AVL) is automatically collected by your car’s computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system. Most modern vehicles have a CAD system that tracks the vehicle’s location either via cellphone tower locations or through global positioning system (GPS) data. For the most part, you probably never even think about your AVL data or CAD system — unless maybe you have a service like OnStarContinue reading

Why would someone’s driver’s license be revoked?

A driver’s license revocation comes from many different causes. Once your license is revoked, you can’t legally drive in this state. It can occur when you are convicted of certain driving offenses, and there are several other reasons that you might lose your driving privileges. Anyone who commits a felony using a vehicle will be unable to drive. Operating a vehicle under the influence of a drugContinue reading

What constitutes criminal or excessive speeding in Arizona?

Speeding is arguably the most common criminal offense in Arizona. It is one of the only crimes that most people will readily admit to engaging in not just occasionally but habitually. After all, in most cases, speeding is a civil infraction, rather than a real crime, and despite its correlation with deadly crashes, people view it as a victimless personal decision. However, criminal charges canContinue reading

What is the ‘Move Over’ law?

Do you know that Arizona has a “Move Over” law that requires you to change lanes or slow down when passing an emergency vehicle, such as a police car, that’s stopped at the side of the road? If you didn’t, you’re far from alone. Arizona Revised Statute 28-775 put the “Move Over” law in to place in response to increased awareness about the dangers posed to bothContinue reading

The benefits of enrolling in traffic school

You thought the speed limit was 45, but as it turns out, that was two streets back. Now you’re staring at the yellow page of a traffic ticket. While in court, you hear the judge mention traffic school being a possibility. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider this an option: It could help with your overall driving knowledge Taking a trafficContinue reading

There are many types of aggressive driving

It doesn’t matter if you call it reckless driving or aggressive driving, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s dangerous and can result in serious trouble with the law. For example, in the state of Arizona, aggressive driving is a criminal charge. This is much more serious than a civil traffic violation, with serious consequences, such as license suspension and a hefty fine, in theContinue reading

Should you speed up or slow down at a yellow light?

We’ve all been there before. You’re coming up to a stoplight, and it’s green. Right at the crucial moment, it turns yellow. You’re stuck in this awkward zone where you’re too far away to make it through before the light turns red at your current speed, but you’re also going so fast that you’d essentially have to recklessly stomp on your brakes to stop inContinue reading

What driving mistakes can lead to criminal charges?

In Arizona, most traffic violations involve simple civil ticketing. In other words, those who break the law will wind up fined and could have a few extra points on their license. Otherwise, they can generally go on with their lives mostly uninterrupted. However, there are situations in which the state of Arizona will decide to treat a speeding infraction like a more serious criminal offense,Continue reading

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