Aggravated Assault

What Is Aggravated Assault?

If you face aggravated assault or assault with a dangerous instrument charges relating to a motor vehicle accident, you need a defense lawyer who understands traffic law protecting your rights.At the East Valley and Phoenix law office of Karl A. Mueller, our practice is dedicated to traffic crimes and DUI-related felony defense such as aggravated assault charges. Our experienced Phoenix attorney provides aggressive defense to vehicular crimes in Arizona.

It Involves Recklessly Causing Serious Harm

Aggravated assault is the charge for recklessly causing a serious injury. It can involve a weapon, object or a vehicle. As part of our focus on traffic violations and DUI, we handle aggravated assault cases involving motor vehicles. Aggravated assault with a motor vehicle is a felony with a mandatory five to 15 years in prison if convicted. This is a serious charge, so you will want a comprehensive defense from the start.

Building Your Defense Against Assault With A Deadly Weapon

The weakest element in most aggravated assault cases is the legal standard of recklessness, and we try to attack this aspect of the charge. What is reckless is not determined by statute. It is determined by the jury. We understand how to communicate effectively to juries. Not every accident is a crime. We make sure the jury understands the difference between a crime and an accident. Experience in arguing these issues can be the difference between years of prison and innocence.

Contact Our Lawyer About Your Charges

If you find yourself facing felony charges for aggravated assault after your traffic accident, you need an experienced traffic attorney who will protect you in court. At the East Valley and Phoenix law office of Karl A. Mueller, we believe in close client communication, so contact our Gilbert attorney. Call 602-697-8761.


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