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From the moment a police officer pulls you over, a speeding ticket is a demeaning experience. It can also have costs far greater than the amount on the ticket. Paying a speeding ticket can lead to higher insurance rates and driver’s license suspension. With an experienced traffic lawyer at your side, you can fight your speeding ticket and avoid the most serious consequences. At The Law Office of Karl A. Mueller, PLC, we serve clients in Gilbert, Chandler and Apache Junction, and throughout the East Valley in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Call 602-697-8761 for a free initial consultation.

What Is Speeding?

In Arizona, you can receive a speeding ticket for driving 1 to 19 mph over the posted speed limit. Driving 20 mph over the posted speed limit or in excess of 85 mph can be charged as excessive or criminal speeding. In Arizona, however, the simple fact that you are alleged to be traveling in excess of the posted speed limit is not sufficient to prove you are guilty of speeding.

A posted speed limit means that the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has determined what it believes is the maximum reasonable speed for that road. When the state attempts to prove you responsible for a civil speeding violation or guilty of criminal speeding, it must prove that you drove at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the circumstances, conditions, and actual and potential hazards then existing. Based on that legal standard, you can also be cited for going too slow. The simple fact that you are alleged to be going 70 mph in a posted 65 mph zone is not sufficient to fulfill Arizona law. The state must introduce evidence about the circumstances and conditions.

Defenses To Speeding Tickets

Many inexperienced police officers are unable to introduce evidence about the circumstances and conditions at trial because they failed to document or record anything about the circumstances and conditions at the time they issued the ticket. Not introducing or not being able to introduce this necessary evidence can lead to dismissal. Identity is always an issue. The officer must be able to prove that the correct vehicle was measured. The state must also prove that the vehicle that was measured is the same vehicle that the officer eventually stopped. Our roads are traveled by many vehicles often in proximity to one another. Many times, officers lose sight of vehicles for significant periods of time before overtaking and attempting a stop. Other defenses include attacking the accuracy and credibility of the method used to calculate your speed. These include radar, laser, lidar, pace, VASCAR, visual estimate, aerial surveillance and photo enforcement.

We Will Work To Defend You

From the moment we step into the court, attorney Karl A. Mueller will challenge the facts that led to your traffic violation and speeding ticket. From the calibration of radar guns to Arizona’s reasonable and prudent speed standard, we know how to build the right defense for each of our clients. Our law firm is dedicated to traffic violation defense. With different penalties for different speeds and circumstances, it is important to discover your options and come up with the best possible solution. We can help you understand the challenges you face if you have been arrested in a school zone or construction zone.

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At our East Valley and Phoenix law offices, we believe that client communication is essential. We will work with you to build the best possible defense and be at your side every step along the way. Email or call our traffic violations lawyer today for a free initial consultation and fight your traffic ticket.

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