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If you have been charged with a DUI based on the use of Marijuana, please take the time to read the following as it could mean the difference in being convicted of a DUI and having your DUI dismissed. 

A DUI charge based on Marijuana is different from an Alcohol based DUI or even other drug based DUIs. The laws governing marijuana use, impairment and driving have specific applications to marijuana.  Having a criminal lawyer who is both knowledgeable and experienced with this area of law can make all the difference to the outcome of your case. As laws have recently changed and continue to change, many police officers, lawyers and even judges have not kept up with this evolving area of law. Don’t fail to properly defend yourself from charges that could be dismissed or reduced because you don’t have a lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced with this area of evolving law. 

How you used marijuana, when you used it, how much you used, and what tests they did or did not use roadside or later in the investigation can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Most field sobriety tests were designed for alcohol impairment and alcohol impairment alone. These tests are not valid to determine impairment by marijuana, but often are given and held against you anyways. Very few officers have actually been certified to administer tests that can legally be used to determine impairment by marijuana. In order to testify in court about marijuana impairment, an officer has to be a certified Drug Recognition Expert. (DRE)

Attorney Karl Mueller of the Law Office of Karl A. Mueller spent many years as a prosecutor in both California and Arizona. During the many years he spent prosecuting crimes he spent over five years in the Major Crimes Division of the Maricopa County Attorney’s office assigned to the Vehicular Crimes Bureau which focused on crimes that involved issues of driving and impairment. Attorney Karl Mueller received extensive training on various issues related to driver impairment including going through DRE school with law enforcement officers. After successfully completing the DRE program, Mr. Mueller also went on to teach in the DRE program for several years while he was a prosecutor. 

There are very few law enforcement officers who receive this special training. Even officers fewer pass the program and become certified. Therefore, there are very few officers able to render an opinion as to marijuana impairment in court. Of those officers who become certified DRE’s, not all of them stay up to date and continue to fully follow and understand the program’s directives and requirements. In other words, Mr. Mueller often finds flaws in the testimonies and information used to render an opinion and is able to preclude the introduction of such evidence against you. 

Consultations are free at the Law Office of Karl A. Mueller. Mr. Mueller has almost 30 years of experience both as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer and can talk with you about how to best go about defending yourself in court against a DUI charge based on Marijuana.   Don’t go through this stressful process alone or with a normal attorney, especially when Mr. Mueller can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Mr. Mueller handles Marijuana based DUIs for a very affordable flat fee. Call today for your free consultation.  (602) 697-8761


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