How To Know If You Have An Outstanding Warrant In Arizona

AZ Arrest Warrant

Having an outstanding warrant for your arrest can lead to trouble if you do not realize it exists. If you have cause to believe there may be an outstanding warrant in Arizona against you, there are ways to find out for sure. Rather than being caught off guard, if you suspect an outstanding warrant, it is best to be prepared.

If there is a warrant for your arrest, contact the best East Valley criminal defense lawyers at The Law Office of Karl A. Mueller as soon as possible to begin preparing your legal defense. Being prepared can help you feel less anxious and allows you to be proactive in the case against you.

Records are Available Online In Arizona, you can access public records through various channels. One such avenue is the Arizona Public Records Law, which allows individuals to request access to public records maintained by government agencies. Many counties in Arizona offer online access to active warrants through their sheriff’s office websites. Additionally, the Arizona Judicial Branch provides a web portal where you can search for court cases, including warrants.

Begin With the County Sheriff’s Office Website A good starting place if you suspect a warrant against you is to look at the active warrants listed on the particular county’s sheriff’s office website. For instance, in Maricopa County, the website provides warrant information. If a warrant is issued in a particular county’s jurisdiction, information about it may be available on their website.

Arizona Judiciary Web Portal is Another Helpful Place to Look When you are not clear about the county where the warrant might be issued, a good place to begin your search is on Arizona’s Judicial Branch web portal. You can use the instructions provided on the Public Access to Court Information page to find the information you seek.

Searching for a warrant can be confusing. If you are unclear about any of the information you found or a lack of information, reach out to the lawyers at The Law Office of Karl A. Mueller for more information.

Alternative Ways to Seek Information About Outstanding Arrest Warrants When you follow the above search suggestions and still do not find the information you are seeking, there are other ways to find out if there is an outstanding arrest warrant against you. Some suggestions are listed below:

Go to the police station. This can be an intimidating process and may lead to your immediate arrest. Contact a criminal defense lawyer. Before going to the police station, you will want to speak to your criminal defense attorney and prepare for the probable legal fallout.

Have a Trusted Loved One Visit the Police Station or Make a Call on Your Behalf The prospect of going to the police station may be more than you are ready to face, so sending a family member to go in your place may be a way to obtain warrant information. This friend or loved one could also simply make a call to the local sheriff’s department to get this information.

Visit the Courthouse Where You Believe the Warrant was Issued By visiting the courthouse where the warrant was issued, you can request a look at the records. It is important to note that this can take a lot of time and can end in your arrest. Having your attorney at the ready is an important aspect of any method of finding out if you have an outstanding warrant.

At The Law Office of Karl A. Mueller, we can help you prepare for an impending arrest. We can also determine whether there is a warrant against you. Our team has answers to your questions and can navigate the legal situation for you, no matter how tricky. For the best possible outcome, contact us today.

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