Speeding in Arizona may cost you a fortune

Some states are tougher on speeding and reckless drivers than others, and Arizona laws do not take speeding lightly. According to Wallethub, Arizona is one of the worst states to receive a speeding ticket due to hefty fines and strict penalties.

Arizona was ranked third, behind Delaware and Colorado, for most stringent policies against speeding and reckless driving. Arizona drivers may receive a speeding ticket if they drive one to 19 mph over the posted speed limit. If a driver exceeds 20 mph over the speed limit or more than 85 mph, they can be charged with excessive or criminal speeding.

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How much is a speeding ticket in Arizona?

Fines for a speeding ticket add up quickly in Arizona; a penalty for ten mph over the speed limit starts at $250 and raises by $50 for every five mph over 10. A ticket for 20 mph over the speed limit increases as much as $200, and the driver may have their license suspended or revoked at the traffic stop.

The amount for the speeding ticket changes if a traffic camera catches the driver. Tickets are set to a rate of $165, up to $30 in surcharges and fees. These tickets are often sent through the mail and debated in court.

There are also other factors that may influence a ticket price such as cooperation with the officer during the traffic stop and any impairments to the vehicle. An officer may not even pull over a driver for speeding unless there is an equipment issue or signs of impairment.

As previously stated, drivers also run the risk of license suspension or revocation if they are excessively speeding, which includes speeds of 20 mph over the limit. It may lead to jail time and impound of your vehicle if a driver is convicted of criminal speeding.

It is important to note that Arizona relies on a point system for driving records, so multiple points on a record influences fines and penalties for speeding tickets. Drivers may contact Arizona’s Department of Motor Vehicles for questions about speeding tickets.