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Are you accused of having a disregard for safety on the roads?

You were on the way to your girlfriend’s house and had to take the highway. You were late for an important date with her, so you sped faster than you should have. That in itself wasn’t so bad, but you were also weaving in and out of traffic, honking at people who were in the way and generally trying to get to where you wantedContinue reading

Protect yourself against these common traffic violations

Even if you consider yourself a safe driver, you still may be likely to violate the law every now and again. For example, the speed limit is 70 mph, but you have been known to push the limit and go 75. Understanding the most common traffic violations can help keep you safe, as you’ll have a clearer idea of what police are watching for. HereContinue reading

Holding your phone while driving is illegal

You have probably seen Public Service Announcements (PSAs) about the dangers of texting and driving. If you’re a young driver who just went through training, your instructor likely spent a lot of time explaining how many deadly accidents distraction causes every year. Regardless of your age, you have likely seen news stories about some of these crashes. The thing to remember is that, in Arizona,Continue reading

How to reduce the chances of a ticket during a traffic stop

If you’re being completely candid with yourself, you know that you were speeding — or might have been. You were following along with the flow of traffic, however, so you didn’t expect to get pulled over until those red and blue lights were flashing in your rearview mirror. Even though your stomach is sinking, try to remember that not every traffic stop (even for speeding)Continue reading

How to get a traffic violation dismissed in Arizona

Traffic tickets are handed out every day, and it’s never fun to be on the receiving end of one. It can be especially frustrating when you don’t think you deserved the ticket. Even one ticket can have negative consequences. Each traffic violation in Arizona has a two-, three-, four- or six-point value. Not only do these points look bad on your driving record, but yourContinue reading

Clear traffic offenses with defensive driving school

You knew you were in trouble the moment the officer pulled you over – then came the ticket. Now you’re looking at fines and insurance hikes you can’t afford, points on your license and maybe even time before a judge. When you’re looking at a traffic ticket in Maricopa County, you might be left asking how you can get out of this mess. And defensiveContinue reading

Faced with an Arizona reckless driving charge?

As many readers of our blog know, the language of the law (often referred to as “legalese”) can sometimes be convoluted and difficult for the layperson to understand. Take for example, Arizona’s reckless driving law, which states that “a person who drives a vehicle in reckless disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving.” While that circular legal logic might beContinue reading

You have three choices in Maricopa County Justice Court

When you walk into a Maricopa County Justice Court after receiving a citation for an alleged criminal traffic violation, you will be given three choices by the judge. You will choose between pleading guilty, no contest or not guilty. The potential consequences for pleading guilty or no contest are essentially the same: you will face punishments that can include jail time, driver’s license suspension or restrictions,Continue reading

Study shows Arizona has strictest DUI laws in the nation

Drunk driving crashes are responsible for more than 10,000 deaths each year in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The agency says DUI-related crashes are responsible for nearly one-third of all traffic fatalities. A survey by the financial website WalletHub ranks Arizona as having the strictest laws and penalties for DUI offenses. The 2017 study places The Grand Canyon State firstContinue reading

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